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Happy New Year!

Very warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2021 to all those of you who shared in my stravaiging through last year. In what was such a difficult year in so many ways, one of the great pleasures was the opportunity to spend time exploring my local countryside on foot and on cycle. I enjoyed sharing my explorations with you and in the early stages enjoyed researching topics and capturing these as a blog - a first attempt for me!

As the year progressed I was sidetracked into other projects including Scottish Blethers and the Guide Collective. While I love my involvement in these, Stravaiging has always been my first love because you the audience were specially invited - it was a way of keeping in touch with friends who I know share my passion for Scotland.

So, my New Year resolution is to invest more time in capturing the beauty of the countryside on my travels. It may just be photos, and where possible I’ll include some written articles, but I hope you enjoy this connection with Scotland until the day we can all travel again.

These images, taken today, are of the Cairngorms. I think these mountains are shown off to their best when covered in snow so that their famous corries are clearly visible.

Stay well and stay safe. Better days are coming soon!

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Jan 08, 2021

Hi Liz, I think we skirted this area on our way to Inverness in April 2019, yes? I remember seeing the Dalwinnie Distillery off in the distance from the highway. It made me thirsty... :-) Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and HEALTHY 2021. Best regards, John & Becky

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