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10th Anniversary Project

We bought Loch Alvie Cottage in 2008 with thoughts of retirement looming - that doesn't seem to have happened as planned!

In 2018 we embarked on a 10th anniversary project to pull down some old worksheds that were blocking the view and build a garden room to enjoy the Monadhliath mountains to the rear. Lots of drawings and building regulations and work started in April 2019. Those of you who travelled with me in 2019 may remember me abandoning you over lunch at the Rowan Tree and running along the road to check on progress!

Christmas 2019 and it was finished. Now we are getting to enjoy it to maximum effect.

The slideshow gives you an idea of how it literally rose out of the ashes.

This week I was able to put a finishing touch to it with the addition of a painting by a local artist called Campbell Bryson. His work focuses on birches and wildflowers set in the local landscape. Here are some examples of his work - I hope you agree with the one we chose!

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