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Birthday Celebrations

The 21st of August marked my mum's 89th birthday and as she hasn't been too well recently we wanted to make it extra special! My brother drove up from Devon to surprise her and as Brian is useless at keeping secrets, we hadn't even told him!

Picture the scene - we're all sitting at breakfast and this masked man walks in with a "parcel for Martin". As we're having some work done at the moment, both Brian and my mum thought it was the plumber! It took a minute for the penny to drop but when it did, imagine the delight!

We had a great weekend with walks, celebrations and putting - both outside and in!

Congratulations and best wishes for many more!

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Sep 01, 2020

My nose would grow if I said I baked it! I hope that you had a lovely birthday - so glad that you have fond memories to look back on. It would be great if you had any photos to share of your Scottish birthday!


Looks like a wonderful celebration! Don't tell me you made that cake, Liz! It looks delicious! I too celebrated on the 23rd, and I recall I celebrated with you last year in Scotland! I never would have believed that in this year, those wonderful 2019 memories would be my celebration for 2020! But they were. Thankful for them too! Love your blog!

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