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This week marked the launch of an ambitious new project that I'm involved in. Along with 20 other Rick Steves tour guides, we have formed a new international travel adventure, The Guide Collective. Our aim is to bring the world to you, through articles, video, podcasts, and visual art. Our aim is to elevate the conversation in travel. Rather than top ten lists or cultural stereotypes, we will dig deeper into issues that connect our diverse cultures. 

Our first “issue” launched on August 1st, the theme for discussion is bread, and how a simple staple can bridge cultures. Along with our monthly theme, each issue will introduce columns, virtual tours, video programming and more. We hope you will join us in our exploration of the potential of travel.

Wishing you could travel? Experience the world with us! The Guide Collective, an international alliance of experienced tour guides, brings countries and cultures to life, diving deep into the people, places, and foods that make each place unique. Join the conversation at

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My contribution to this first issue was The Jeely Piece Song the first verse and chorus of which are sung below by the minister from my local church. If you'd like to find out more about the song and the meaning behind it take a look at

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