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Scottish Blethers

You may have been wondering where I've got to the last few weeks with no posts going up as usual. The answer is I've been blethering!

Not content with producing a blog I've really been pushing at the boundaries of technology and have entered the world of podcasting. Together with a couple of friends and fellow guides who, like me, have seen our guiding work disappear for 2020 we started exploring a new outlet for our creative energies.

Deciding that we had faces that were best suited to radio, we started to explore how we could use the world of podcasting to reach an audience. Our first episode launched in September and, a steep learning curve later, we now have a dozen episodes under our belt, nearly 300 followers and going on for 2,000 listens.

We are having so much fun and hope that our enjoyment comes across as you listen. A new episode launches every Tuesday where we each explore a topic and then all contribute to the discussions....... we blether! The conversations are wide ranging but hopefully always informative and entertaining. On the first episode of every month we change the format slightly and go freestyle on our favourites. Be it author, loch, train journey, Scottish film.......we never run short of topics for discussion.

Over the last week we have started to add bonus episodes which take the format of guest interviews and we have exciting plans for further interactive activities in 2021.

I'd love to have you, my Stravaiging buddies, with us on the journey. I know that some of you are already following but if you would like to join in it isn't difficult. Simply go to Spotify or Apple and type in Scottish Blethers in the search function and that will take you to the podcast - simply press play and you'll hear our dulcet Scottish voices!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @scottishblethers

There's nothing to beat a right good blether!

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